1Beam.io to Launch on Cronos Chain

3 min readMar 1, 2022

Dear Cronos Users and Ecosystem Partners,

1Beam.io is excited to announce our expansion onto Cronos!

What? > Stablecoin swap
Where? >
Cronos Ecosystem (Crypto.com)
When? > Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022 at 2pm UTC
Legit? >
Audited, Doxxed

The 1Beam Stablecoin Swap

1Beam Highlights:
> Swapping of the popular stablecoins: USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD and other pegged tokens
> Only 0.04% swap fee and no slippage for large stablecoin swaps

Launched during Q3 2021, 1Beam’s main product is the stablecoin swap, a decentralized stablecoin exchange, which allows users to efficiently swap stablecoins and pegged assets at just 0.04% swap fee and close to zero slippage on Moonbeam and Moonriver Ecosystems.

No slippage. 1Beam.
Anon, don’t be a victim of high slippage anymore.

Since day 1 we have provided users with *the best* stablecoin swap rates and lowest swap fees. Additionally, stablecoin liquidity providers can earn yield by supplying capital to the underlying liquidity pools and earn native token incentives by farming LP tokens or by staking tokens to earn protocol fees as revenue.

$1CRO Token Initial Listing — Fair Launch

1CRO, 1Beam’s native token on Cronos, will be initially listed on MM Finance as a 1CRO/CRO pair with just a couple minutes worth of farming rewards for maximum fairness. We always have a fair launch — no team premine (cliff+vesting), no VC, no IDO, no presale. None of that!

For more details about our tokenomics, farming and revenue model, please visit our documentation.

Call for Cronos Partnerships

We’re coming to Cronos with the mission to bring users the best stablecoin swap rates. Given the maturity and size of the Cronos ecosystem, we expect to gain significant swap volume and popularize our stableswap very quickly.

Our main first step is to integrate with all DEX aggregators present on Cronos in order to enable tapping into 1Beam’s swap rates which are extremely competitive when compared to standard decentralized exchanges. In the example below, Moonriver DEX aggregators dominantly route stablecoin swaps through our liquidity pool. We look forward to achieving comparable success on Cronos to benefit all DeFi users.

100% of the swap trade goes through 1Beam stablecoin pool.

The utility of 1Beam’s stablecoin swap, combined with the 1CRO token’s attractive, sustainable and profitable economic model, we expect to quickly grow and prove ourselves as a cornerstone DeFi product for users of the Cronos Ecosystem.