1Swap Tokenomics and Revenue Model Upgrade

1Swap Farming Model

Old Model
Our current 1Swap tokenomics are plain vanilla: users provide stablecoin liquidity and receive farming yield via 1SWAP token rewards
> There is no lockup, vesting or additional complexity.

Firebird DEX aggregator routes via 1Swap DEX for best USDC to USDT swap rate

1Swap Revenue Model

Old Model
Right now, all swap fees (0.04% on each trade) on 1Swap DEX are accumulated as protocol revenue in the 1Swap Treasury address
> At the time of writing, there’s over $60k in accumulated fees. These funds have never been distributed or touched in any way.


The described 1Swap economic changes are value-capturing and give 1SWAP token a great utility, making it more attractive, sustainable and profitable in the coming years.
We expect 1Swap to grow in TVL and market capitalization very soon again and confirm that we remain the stablecoin DEX with the best swap rates on Moonriver Ecosystem since day 1.



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